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Esthetically Speaking...

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Alaina Nelson Williams is a Licensed Esthetician, an award winning Brow Shaping Artist and an Advanced Certified Lash Stylist. 

A singer and actress since the tender age of 5, Alaina was constantly surrounded and intrigued by the magic of make-up. It was in her early twenties, that she decided she would take her hobby of transforming faces, and make it into a career.

Upon graduation from The Ambler Beauty Academy in early 2004, Alaina began her esthetics journey working in high profile spas in Montgomery County and along the Main Line. She quickly earned a reputation for her detailed approach to classic brow shaping and was asked to join the Anastasia Beverly Hills team. Solely responsible for breaking the brand into this market, she was the first and only brow specialist in the state to extensively train in the untouchable technique crafted by the world renowned celebrity brow guru herself, Anastasia Soare. Alaina’s charismatic persona,  keen eye and penchant for clean, straight lines kept clients coming back to acheive brow perfection in her chair, and thus, “The Brow Girl” was born.

After two very busy years as the business manager and premiere brow specialist for an up-scale retailer, Alaina decided to take that giant leap to go out on her own and promote her talent as a freelance artist. She furthered her studies by traveling to New York to attend classes at the International Dermal Institute, Eye Design NYC and advanced classes with Xtreme Lashes. After seeing how the combination of a perfectly groomed brow and long, beautiful eyelash extensions can dramatically transform a woman’s face, Alaina decided to focus solely on brows and lashes going forward.

Now, over 18 years into her career, Alaina is an Advanced Certified Lash Stylist with certificates in the coveted volumation and Russian volume techniques, and has the title of “Best Brow Shaper” (2014) from MainLine Magazine under her belt. She is a member in good standing with Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) and fully insured. Her current clientele includes local television newscasters, QVC hosts, models & musicians, along with business women, soccer moms and students alike. She happily continues down her very fulfilling esthetic path, making the world look and feel more woman at a time.



"My brows look AMAZING!!! You ROCK!!!" - Simone G. 

"Best eyebrow waxing experience of my life! The wax is so gentle and not hot, more gooey. I was barely pink when I got out of the chair. I look like Hollywood (well from the top of my left eye across to the top of my right anyway)  I highly recommend you give her a try. She also gives you tips for plucking in between waxings." - Dana C.

"Love, love, LOVE my brow girl! Speaking of, I NEED an appointment this week!" - Jocelyn H.

"Nobody else will ever touch my eyebrows. EVER." - Nyree D.

"Alaina does the best brow shaping!! I have been going to her for years now, and have never been happier with my brows (which are a lot of upkeep!) I actually get compliments on their shape often." - Natalie F.

"(Alaina's) Brows are fresh to death!" - Susannah Y.

"From the moment her hands worked her magic - I was hooked. My face was completely transformed into a new palate/canvas where anything else was no longer necessary. Thank you Alaina for showing me the beauty in my own eyes I never saw for over 30 years. I am an addict and brows by Alaina is my drug. " - Stephanie J.

"They (my brows) are fab thanks to you!" - Jen P. 

"Best eyebrows ever!" - Akida S.

"Seriously...I need my lashes to look like this ALL of the time." - Amber M.

"Before going to Alaina, I had tried so many different places for my eyebrows, and I was never completely happy with how they turned out. After my first time going to Alaina, I was so thrilled that somebody finally got it right! I have been going to her ever since. It has been about four years now!" - Stephanie W.

"Every time I look at my perfectly arched eyebrows & my long dark snuffies, I smile. You are truly one of the most talented women I have ever known..." - Laura Y.

"I'm a new woman. I'm officially your lash groupie!" - Jenny C.

"I've never had anyone spend this much time on my eyebrows. Wow. What were those other ladies doing?!?" - Kristen S.

"Alaina has been doing my brows for well over 4 years. No one can make my brows look fabulous like she does. I get complimented on my brows everywhere I go. She is precise every session. I would recommend Alaina to anyone." - Alicia L.

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